This FAQ is for teachers.
.לסטודנט FAQ יש גם

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Question Quick answer
1.How do I login to moodle? HUJI moodle: Use 8-digit ID and Kod Ishi. CSE moodle: Use login and password
2.Where do I begin?Login, select a course and Turn editing on.
3.How do I add a teacher, or anyone else, to the course? Click on Assign Roles
4.What other documentation is available?See HUJI Teacher Documentation
5.Why are there so few questions in this FAQ?Because it is brand new!
6.How do I enter maths notation?Enclose ASCIIMath notation in \` pairs, TeX notation in \$\$ pairs, or WeBWork notation in @@ pairs
7.Will this year's moodle course still be available next year?Yes! Moodle courses will remain online indefinitely.
עברית8.Who can see my course?It is up to you!
9.How do I set personal preferences?Click on your name at top or bottom of window.
10.How do I limit the size of files uploaded by students?Set Maximum upload size in Settings
11.Can content depend on the current language?Yes! There is a multilanguage filter
12.How can I allow a student to upload some files?Assign him the role of File manager
13.What is the Group Mode of an activity? How participation is determined by the student's group.
14.How can I test my course?Click on Switch role to.. or use a test account.
15.How do I allow a non-teacher to post to the News forum?Assign him the role of Teacher in the News forum.
16.Why isn't my category listed under Questions?It is probably in a quiz question bank.
17.How can I manage grade appeals (ערעורים)?Use the new Personal forum, ForumNG.
18.Can I get a list of students in Text or Spreadsheet format?Yes! Export the grades to the relevant format.
19.What types of forum are available?Several types of ordinary Forum as well as a Personal Forum.
20.How can I make an item available to one group of students only? Use groups and groupings.
21.How can I copy another course? Use Copy from Moodle or Copy from HiLearn.
22.How can I create a course event?Use the calendar block.
23.How can I set grades to e.g. Pass/Fail or 0-110?Use scales.
24.Is sending a message the same as sending email? Yes! - Unless the recipient has requested otherwise.
25.Can 2 Shnaton courses be served by 1 moodle course? Yes. Request the moodle admin to make one course into a sister of the other.
26.Can student names be hidden from a bodek?Yes! By assigning him the role of Grader instead of Non-editing teacher
27.How do I mail the students in just one group? Use the Participants page or the News forum.
28.How can I annotate assignment submissions?Use an assignment of type Advanced uploading of files or Upload PDF, or paste into comment editor
29.How do I make a FAQ? How can students provide details of talks?Use the Database activity.
30.What role should I assign to my Metargel or Bodek? Teacher (possibly hidden), Teaching assistant, Non-editing teacher, Grader or Editor.
31.What if my course doesn't exactly map onto a Shnaton course?Request a special kind of course.
32.How can I allow a student to submit after the deadline?Grant him the role of No time limits in the quiz or assignment.
33.How do I enter left-to-right text in Hebrew mode?Use the embed left to rightbutton or enclose in ^^ pairs.
34.Is there anything better than embedded answer (cloze) questions?Yes! Ganged questions.
35.Can I hide grades? Yes! Either in the gradebook or in the activity itself (but not both)
36.Can I move/hide/delete more than one item at a time?Yes! Install the Mass Actions block.
37.Can I prevent students posting to a forum?Yes! Use role overrides
38.What are automatic groups? Groups that are automatically created and maintaintained based on data from Minhal Talmidim.
39.I submitted an Assignment. Why can't I see it?Only assignments submitted by real students are listed
40.Can the current grade be a proportion of the eventual total?Yes!
41.Can e.g. Graders be assigned per group?Yes! Set value of Access all groups to Prevent
42.Why doesn't replacing a file seem to work? It does work! Clear your browser cache to see.
43.What is grade type Text?It allows you to supply feedback without assigning a grade.
44.Why aren't my autoinks updating?It can take up to 1 hour for autolinks to be updated.
45.Why doesn't the SCORM frame fill the page?A SCORM object defines its own size.
46.When do students see assignment feedback? Generally, straight away!
47.How do I import grades?Through the gradebook.
48.Who can access a particular file in the Files area?Anyone who can access the course - if he knows the file's name - unless the file is restricted.
49.Ho do I avoid a link to every file and the scroll-of-death?Use the Display a directory resource!
50.After a deadline, can students view other submissions? Yes! Use the Personal Forum (ForumNG) activity.
51.What are subsections for? For maintaining a consistent structure across sections.
52.How can I calculate final grades? Use the Gradebook!
53.Why have images in my question bank disappeared? Because the images files are no longer there!
54.Why does material pasted from Word sometimes vanish? Because you don't "clean" it!
55.Should I change any of the course group settings? Probably not!
56.Can I set Quiz & Assignment times by group? Yes!
57.Can I drag files from my computer into Moodle? You can!
58.Can I exempt a student from a grade item?Yes!
59.Can I add more than one attachment to a forum post? No, but you can easily add links to files.
60.Why do students get 'Access not allowed' on some files? Because another, hidden, Link to a file resource points to the same file 
61.Can I export student names to an Excel file?Yes! - Through the Gradebook
62.Can I grade assignments offline? Yes! Use Lightwork
63.Is there any other way of grading assignments offline?Yes! Download submissions, add responses, and upload. Create grade file and import.
64.How do I ensure that English displays correctly when viewed in Hebrew mode? (and vice versa) Use the Direction from... and Justify... toolbar icons
65.What is SCORM preview mode? It's a mode used by the SCORM package, not by Moodle.
66.Why isn't my change saved when I update the Gradebook? Because the Gradebook table is too big!
68.Why is my HTML editor window empty?Did you paste from MS Word?
69.Why does the drag-and-drop equation editor return a Java error?You haven't yet configured your Java security settings appropriately.
70.What is the 'Last Modified (Student)' time in assignments of type Upload PDFIt depends.
71.Why is there no toolbar in the IE11 text editor?You haven't put IE in compatibility mode.